Medi Consult

Medical Planning & Design

Healthcare facility planning is a complex process that requires a delicate balance of prioritizing demands, optimizing functional and physical arrangements within the site’s context, aligning with selected models of care, accommodating specific room requirements, ensuring regulatory compliance, and staying within budget constraints. The process demands a unique blend of expertise and skills to create a safe, functional, and efficient healthcare facility include aged care facilities.

Our services include

  • 1

    Medical Planning services for new and existing facilities, from concept to detailed design

  • 2

    Needs assessment of operational, functional and physical requirements

  • 3

    Formulation of Medical Planning Brief and Space Programming

  • 4

    Master planning for new and existing facilities

  • 5

    Architectural and Interior Design concept for healthcare facilities

  • 6

    Checker Consultant for Medical Planner consultancy services

  • 7

    Building Information Modelling (BIM) services related to Medical Planning scope of work

  • 8

    Advisory services on regulatory compliance related to Medical Planning

  • 9

    Our planning shall consider the impact on climate change