Medi Consult

Medical Equipment Planning

Medical equipment planning is to archive a balance between appropriate technology solutions while complying with local condition and constrain, ensuring functionality and operational need to provide effective and efficient service delivery within a budget framework.

Our services include

  • 1

    Needs assessment related to functional and operational requirement

  • 2

    Equipment scheduling, establishing Bill of Quantity, Room by Room and departmental scheduling

  • 3

    Detailed planning such as workflow planning and define building and engineering requirement including coordination with other planners

  • 4

    Specification and cost estimates

  • 5

    Preparation of tender documents and tender management

  • 6

    Assets management planning

  • 7

    Maintenance planning and training

  • 8

    Logistic management for health care commodities

  • 9

    Aligning medical technology to strengthening climate resilient health systems